Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Monday, July 2, 2012

How to rise the bread better (Bread making without machine)

Ever since I started on the journey to bread making, I discovered a secret. In order to make the bread light and fluffy, the technique to rise the bread is extremely important.

We know that in order to let the bread rise, it is important to maintain the correct surrounding temperature so that the yeast can activate to create more carbon dioxide to rise the bread.

But the question is how? How to let the bread rise better and fuller to create the light and fluffy texture?

After many experiment and research on the internet, I've noted some of the ways and method, people around the world use.

1. Place the dough on top of the fridge
2. Left it openly under the sun
3. Preheat oven to 200F and put the dough into the oven
4. Cover with a hot damp cloth

I have tried the above method and find that it's not very promising. Therefore, I've tried my own method, also a simple method.

First, I place a damp cloth over the dough. This is to allow the dough to stay moist (yeast needs moist and sugar to activate). Then place a spot light (I am using a 40W spot light) to shine on the covered dough. This way, I am keeping the surrounding temperature optimal and at the same time, provide enough moist for the yeast to produce enough carbon dioxide to rise the bread.

Next, you will ask, how to know the process is ready? Very easy. Use your finger and press down the dough gently. If it leaves an indentation, then it is ready to be either punched down or put into the oven depending on the recipe.