Monday, November 4, 2013

So you think Avocado Milkshake is good? Think Twice | Change your Lifestyle | MileStone.SG

Photo of Avocado Fruit
When you hear avocado, what is the first time that comes to you? Most people will say, Avocado milkshake. Read on to know more about the fruit, Avocado. Then think twice, thrice, when you want to buy a cup of Avocado milkshake.

Nutritional Facts of Avocado Fruit?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Low GI Diet helps in weight loss | Change your Lifestyle | MileStone.SG

Low GI Diet
Introduction to Glycemic Index

GI Diet also known as Glycemic Index Diet is a general term for weight-loss diet that are based on your blood sugar level.

In a GI Diet, your aim is to eat more of low GI food and less or high GI food. A GI Diet uses the Glycemic Index to guide your eating plan.

The Glycemic index is a guide developed to help improve blood sugar control in diabetes. The Glycemic index classifies carbohydrate-containing foods according to their potential of raising your blood sugar level.

Although the GI Diet is not a true low-carbohydrate diet because you don't have to count carbohydrates. Nor is it a low-fat diet. But a low GI Diet does steer you toward certain types of food that is low-fat and low carbohydrates.

Why GI Diet and how it helps in weight loss?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Myths on Weight Lost | Change your Lifestyle | MileStone.SG


If you want to lose weight you need to get on a healthy diet and exercise and you should avoid eating fried or oily food. Some even skips meals to lose weight. Does all these sounds familiar to you? Maybe you even tried out these methods and does not see even the slightest weight lost. These are just myths on weight lost.

Myth #1: Skipping meals

Sunday, October 20, 2013

BMR versus BMI | Change your Lifestyle | Milestone.SG

BMI versus BMR

BMR versus BMI?

The body mass index, or BMI, is a scale that provides an indication of your overall body composition and fat. Your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, is a measure of the amount of energy your body requires to perform its normal vital functions at rest (doing nothing and sleep all day). Your BMI and BMR are related in the sense that a lager body composition is generally associated with a higher BMR. BMR decreases as age increases; this means that as age increases, your metabolic rate decreases.

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Best Nitric Oxide Review | Change Your Lifestyle | MileStone.SG

Nitric Oxide & Your Heart

Who doesn’t want a healthy heart? The role of our heart is very important. It helps us to pump blood to the brain, our hands and all the way down to the feet. To summarize it all, it supports blood circulation to every part of our body effectively. Very often our blood vessels and arteries are blocked up which restrict and slow down our blood flow, this means that our heart needs to work that extra mile to pump blood to support our body. The “extra” effort that the heart used would increase stress to our heart and hence increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Surgical Mask is not effective against Singapore SMOG

Hey people, as you guys know that the haze condition in Singapore is getting worst. It had hit the all high PSI of 371 on 20 June 2013.

As I was walking around on the street today, I saw many people wearing the normal surgical mask. Surgical mask is not useful to combat against the haze and it is a false sense of security. The particles that are responsible for causing the irritation is PM 10 and PM 2.5. Normal surgical mask do not have the capability of blocking these two particles.

Please stop wearing surgical mask and walk around the street thinking that it is effective to combat against the haze. If you want to protect yourself from the haze, get at least a N95 mask.

An example of N95 Mask

Thursday, June 20, 2013

20 June 2013 - PSI @ 371. The new high for Singapore

On 20 June 2013, the PSI reaches a new high of 371 and the PM2.5 index reaches a very unsafe level of 246 (Normal index should be below 40). If necessary, PM Lee will pass an order to stop work and activities when the index goes higher.

Extracted from PM Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Page:

Just back from my Meet-the-People Session. We were all tracking the PSI during the MPS, and dismayed that for a time it went above 300. Minister Vivian has briefed the press to explain what we are doing, and guide the public on how to respond ( 

Cabinet had discussed the haze situation fully when it met this afternoon. But as the haze has worsened, I am meeting the relevant ministers again first thing tomorrow, and will brief the press after that. 

Meanwhile, if the PSI reading stays high, please stay indoors where possible and avoid heavy outdoor activities. Look out for one another - we will get through this together. - LHL

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BlackVue DR400G-HDII 1.014K Firmware - Fixed

Hey guys, if you have accidently upgraded your DR400G HDII dashboard camera to 1.014K, your camera should now speak in Korea instead of English and GPS is not working correctly even the log files shows that GPS has started.

Now, there is a fix to change the firmware 1.014K to 1.014E. Follow the instruction below to get it fixed.

1. Download the file from here:
2. Remove the SD Card from Camera
3. Remove all files in the SD Card
4. Unpack the zip file downloaded in (STEP 1)
5. Copy the unpacked content into the SD Card. (Your SD Card should now contain 1 folder (BlackVue) and 1 file (
6. Slot the SD Card back into the camera and turn on the camera. After awhile, it will says, "BlackVue is upgrading, do not turn off power".
7. After upgrading, it will says "BlackVue is restarting".
8. Remove the SD Card from Camera and slot into your PC and remove the folder and files.
9. Put the black SD Card back to Camera.
10. Your are done! Your device should speak in English and GPS should be working. Best of all, you are using the latest firmware.

P/S: Please leave comment to tell me whether it works or does not work.

Thanks :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Monday, July 2, 2012

How to rise the bread better (Bread making without machine)

Ever since I started on the journey to bread making, I discovered a secret. In order to make the bread light and fluffy, the technique to rise the bread is extremely important.

We know that in order to let the bread rise, it is important to maintain the correct surrounding temperature so that the yeast can activate to create more carbon dioxide to rise the bread.

But the question is how? How to let the bread rise better and fuller to create the light and fluffy texture?

After many experiment and research on the internet, I've noted some of the ways and method, people around the world use.

1. Place the dough on top of the fridge
2. Left it openly under the sun
3. Preheat oven to 200F and put the dough into the oven
4. Cover with a hot damp cloth

I have tried the above method and find that it's not very promising. Therefore, I've tried my own method, also a simple method.

First, I place a damp cloth over the dough. This is to allow the dough to stay moist (yeast needs moist and sugar to activate). Then place a spot light (I am using a 40W spot light) to shine on the covered dough. This way, I am keeping the surrounding temperature optimal and at the same time, provide enough moist for the yeast to produce enough carbon dioxide to rise the bread.

Next, you will ask, how to know the process is ready? Very easy. Use your finger and press down the dough gently. If it leaves an indentation, then it is ready to be either punched down or put into the oven depending on the recipe.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Indiana University Hoosiers football team plays in one of the most competitive conferences in the nation, the Big Ten. With some of the powerhouses in college football on the schedule each and every year, the Indiana Hoosiers know a thing or two about playing big boy football.

Get to this website to get the tickets.

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Tickets

Indiana Hoosiers Football Tickets

Iowa Hawkeyes Football Tickets

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Miami Zombie

We all know the movie Resident Evil. In case you didn't know the movie, Resident Evil is about ZOMBIES. The dead walking in the street biting and infecting others. Those who were bitten will be infected with a virus and sooner or later become a zombie.

Anyway that's for the short introduction. A few days back, in Miami, someone committed a zombie like act by chewing onto another man's face. It has been reported that the man's face was bitten off and it's beyond recognition. Three quarter of the face is now gone and currently in the ICU in critical condition.

The man, Rudy Eugene, was ordered to stop the act by a police officer, but ended up the police officer was being threaten. The man look at the police officer with a fierce look.

The scene was reported as chaotic and bloody. Many eye witness relate this incident as bloody and disgusting. Some eye witness was traumatize by the incident and was afraid of walking on the street, fearing that they will be the next victim.

Rudy Eugene was on a drug called "bath salt". This is a very powerful drug that will cause the person using the drug to have an extremely high body temperature and that explains why the man, Rudy Eugene was naked in the scene. Current investigation still have no clue on what provoked this bizarre and savage attack and the investigation is still on going.

A video of the news report in Miami (LIVE) has been floating around in the web.


Now ZOMBIES are around us, if you happen to walk on the street, please take "EXTRA" care and look out for suspected character and people behaving in an unusual manner.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things to do when involved in a traffic accident

Untitled Document
What to do at the accident scene

After involved in a traffic accident on 17 May 2012 and some bad experience with the person that hit onto my car. I would like to share my experience with you so when you are involved in a traffic accident (When someone bump onto your car).

Here are some of the things to take note of when you involved in an accident with a local registered vehicle and you WANT to claim the party for the cost of repair due to the damage incurred.
  1. DO NOT MOVE your vehicle. Get off your car STRAIGHT AWAY and take a photo of the accident scene. REMEMBER: You must try to take a photo that can be of evidence that it is the other party BUMP onto you. DO NOT focus on taking photo of the damage! YOUR MAIN AIM is to take a photo that can prove that you are NOT AT FAULT.

  2. If the person admit that it is his or her fault, get a piece of paper and a pen to ask that person to write down and SIGN. (This was advised by my insurance agent)

  3. INSIST on getting the person personal details. (DO NOT care what the other party says just INSIST)
    1. NRIC Number
    2. Mobile Number
    3. Full Name
    4. Insurance Company

  4. Report the accident to IDAC (Accident Reporting Center) within 24 hours. You will be asked to sketch and write a report. Be as detailed as possible.

  5. The other party will also need to make a report within 24 hours. This is optional. You can contact GIA to buy the other party report. GIA Hotline is 6221-8788 or 6221-8789. After you buy the report, you will know what the other party reported.

  6. Your insurance company will be informed of the incident. You will have to wait for your insurance company to contact you whether your 3rd party claim is successful or not.
* I suggest that you print out a copy of the above steps and place it inside your car. It will serve as a guideline and reminder to you when you really involved in a traffic accident.


DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT flare up and scold the party. This will put you in a difficult position if the other party make a police report. This is being charged as "ROAD Bully" and you may be jailed.

Remember, your main purpose of taking photos and/or videos is to prove that you are not the party that caused the accident. Why I say so? The reason is simple. 95% of time, the party that caused the accident WILL NOT admit his fault. The other party will probably distort the information during his visit to the Accident Reporting Center when he report about the accident.

Therefore, the purpose of the photo and/or video is for the insurance company to see the REAL CAUSE and not base on both parties reports.

Although I CANNOT GUARANTEE that your 3rd party claim can be successful, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

I hope this post can be of great help all drivers out there. Especially, those who just recently gotten the license. You are new to the road and there are a lot of people to bully you on the road.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich released for Galaxy Notes (ICS)

On my previous posting, I've mentioned that Ice Cream Sandwich has been released for Samsung Galaxy S2 but unsure for Galaxy Notes.

Now ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich has been released for Samsung Galaxy Notes.

Attention to all Galaxy Notes users, quickly get your fingers on your keyboard and mouse now. Launch Samsung Kies and get it updated.

In case you do not have Samsung Kies installed, you can install it via Samsung website at

Have fun with ICS on Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Notes. Hoping for the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 soon!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attention all Galaxy S2 users in Singapore (Release of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3)

Good news to all Samsung Galaxy S2 users in Singapore!

The long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 android version finally available for S2. I think the other model like Samsung Notes also have it already.

Since this is a major upgrade, you cannot upgrade from your phone. You will need to install and update Samsung Kies to the latest version before the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich can proceed.

Get Samsung Kies Here

Summarized of the PROS of Ice Cream Sandwich

1. Fast
2. Smooth
3. New Browsers
4. Better Interaction

Go ahead and upgrade your Galaxy S2 now

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kaya Flavoured Cold Bean Curd (Yummy)

Hi guys,

Have you been following my recipe to make cold bean curd? Hope you guys have lot of success in making it. In this post, I am sharing some little ideas that I've discovered while making the cold bean curd at home.

One day while making the cold bean curd for my family, I saw a bottle of Kaya on the table. So my mind starts to wonder, how would the cold bean curd taste like if I mix Kaya with the cold bean curd.

So out of curiosity, I added Kaya into the cold bean curd mix. The outcome is superb! It taste really nice and comes with a bit of Kaya fragrance.

You guys can also experiment mixing Kaya into the cold bean curd mix. Play with the quantity to perfect the taste to your liking.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Release of Cool Tau Huay (A.k.A 冷豆花) Cold Beancurd Recipe

What a cool day... the rain has been non stop since Sunday. So how have everyone been recently? Did you guys try to make cold beancurd while waiting for me to post?

I know it has been quite awhile since my last post that I've found out the method to make cold beancurd. Some people might have been cursing me all this while. Anyway, I'm gonna release the method and ingredient to make the beancurd.

This is quite similar to the one that you can find at Old Airport Road. You should know which store I am referring to. Anyway don't make you guess, yes, it is Lao Ban Dou Hua (老伴豆花).

Before I get started, there is 1 ingredient is specially formulated by me (I've put in months of effort to discover it). I am not saying that only my Jelly Powder works, you still have the option to use any kind of jelly powder.

So let's get started, so move your buttock to the nearest supermarket to buy this ingredient.

- Soya Powder (I recommend Polleney Brand)
(There are many soya powder brands in the supermarket. I've tried most of them, and all works perfect)

- Coffee creamer
(I use CoffeeMate Creamer which I think it works best)

- Fine sugar
(Can be any sugar, up to your preference)

- Jelly Powder
This is the special ingredient that I've mentioned. This jelly powder is the main ingredient and it is responsible to give you superb texture. I've invented and specially formulated my own Jelly Powder. You can choose to purchase from me, and consider it as donations for me  :) or visit the nearest supermarket to purchase.

Prepration and Method

Ok, after we are done with the ingredient part and let's move on to the actual making process. The making of the cold beancurd is fairly easy and no mess. The process of making the cold beancurd is so simple that even a person that cannot cook Instant Maggie Mee have no problem.

The follow proportion is used to make 6 bowl depending on how much you pour into the each bowl. So let's get started to make the cold beancurd. I assume you have purchased everything above. So let's prepare the below.

- 1200ml of PLAIN WATER (Room temperature)
- 120g Soya Powder
- 60g Sugar (Add more if you prefer it to be sweeter)
- 40g Creamer (Add more if you prefer it to be more creamy)

For Jelly Powder, choose either 1:
- 28g Jelly Powder (If you buy those commercially available in supermarket) - I have not tested this powder.
- 16g Specially Formulated Jelly Powder (This has been tested and proven to work) - Click here for more information.

Prepration Method

1. Measure 1200ml of Plain Room Temperature water and pour them into a cooking pot.

2. Use roughly 400ml of plain water from the cooking pot to dissolve the soya powder. Stir until fully dissolve. If you have an electric mixer, you can use that. Make sure that you do not use HOT water as this will make the soya powder lumpy.

3. Turn on the flame to boil the remaining of the water in the cooking pot.

4. When the water boil, do this:
- Dissolve the sugar first, then dissolve creamer. Then pour in the mixed soya milk and stir evenly. Finally pour in the Jelly Powder.

5. Continue to stir until the solution boil again. Once it boil again, you have successfully prepared the solution. The rest of the steps will just require you to divide them equally into bowls.

6. Leave the bowl until it cools down, then place them into the fridge. After 2 to 3 hours, your home made cold beancurd is ready to be served.

If you are interested to buy the Jelly Powder from me, do click here to see the pricing. It is very cheap and affordable.

That's all about it. Try it and let me know if it works :) Some photos I've taken to show you my home made cold beancurd.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making of Lao Ban Tau Huay (Soy Bean Pudding)


I've posted my recipe to make the Lao Ban Tau Huay, follow this link to see more information.

Finally!!!... After failing for more than 100 times... I finally discover the method to make the famous Lao Ban Dou Hua.

I am going to share with everyone the method and ingredient to make this delicious dessert. You will be surprised, how easy and cheap to make this soy bean pudding.

Follow my blogs for updates. I will be posting the recipe real soon. So stay tune :) Probably I'm going to make a video (Step by step) to teach you guys how to make it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Half-A-Day Workout @ Pulau Ubin

Since I'm going to post photos that I took, I take this chance to also write a short write up on how to go to Pulau Ubin and what you can do there.

Pulau Ubin is a offshore island of Singapore. It only takes 30 minutes to bring you away from the busy city to a peaceful kampong life. You can board the ferry at Changi Ferry Terminal (Nearby is Changi Village).

Once you reach Ubin, you can choose to be adventurous by walking around Ubin or rent a bicycle. I would advise to avoid renting bicycle from the first bicycle store along the way, because somehow this shop has the HIGHEST rental price. Walk in further, you will see cheaper and better bicycle.

Along the way, you will see shops selling drinks which is rather expensive. Each can, if i remembered clearly, is approximately S$1.50. It will be better off bring own water bottle.

The ferry charges is S$2.50/pax/way, which adds up to S$5.00/trip. The ferry only set out when it is full (12pax). But don't worry, the flow of passenger is never ending.

* A Gentle Reminder, you DO NOT NEED to bring passport with you! :)

Enjoy the photos below!

(Below) Welcome to UbIN!!

(Below) Pulua Ubin Kumpug

(Below) Is this purple berry or blue berry? Or what berry is this?

(Below) On top of the viewing tower at Chek Java

(Below) Wild Boarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(Below) My Bike

(Below) Fried Beehoon, but not that tasty even though we are all damn tired. This shows that it is not tasty at all.

That's all Folks ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Visit to Genting Highland

Simply addicted to Genting Highland, however it's not the casino. It is the weather that I am addicted to. Although there is nothing much to do at Genting, the weather alone can make me stay there. If you reside in a tropical area like Singapore or Malaysia, you will LOVE the weather at Genting. Travel by coach to Genting is really a PAIN IN THE ASS! 7 Hours of PAIN and TORTURE! Although the travel time is a PAIN, but eventually I forgot all the PAIN, and started enjoying the weather! Only 1 word can describe the weather, which is "SUPERB"! I shall stop here and share with everyone some photos of my 2nd visit to Genting Highland. (Below) Taken from top view Genting Theme Park (Below) Taken at Tower 1 Level 28 (Below) Same as above, just different view. (Below) This is how cold it was! SUPERB! (Below) First World Hotel Lobby @ Starbucks (Below) Flower (Below) A long stretch of stairs leading to a chinese Temple (Below) Green......