Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Street Photo: Bugis Street

After pumping petrol at JB, head down to Bugis Street. My girlfriend and I already planned to take photographs at Bugis Street, but every time due to some unexpected situation, the plan always got postponed. After having this plan postponed for a few weeks, finally we make our way here to take photographs. I'm not very good with street photos, nevertheless I will still share my street photo experience. I am a person that respects others' privacy, so taking street photographs is a extreme challenge for me. I don't know is it only me, but regardless of where I go I'm always being stopped by either security guards or events officials telling me "NO PHOTOGRAPHS HERE!"... So demoralizing....... Let me share some of my humble street photos, do comment on the photos if you have any views, be it you like it or you hate it... Just let me know, so I can improve on my shots. All the photos here have been saved as web, therefore the quality degrades by a lot. (Below) He can predict 4D and RUMORED that he always give very accurate numbers. However, I feel that he is more of a swindle than a predictor :) HAha Q-IMG_9742 (Below) Natural feel Q-IMG_9737 (Below) Fence Q-IMG_9717 (Below) Fortune Centre Q-IMG_9701 (Below) Little Girl and Pigeons Q-IMG_9688 (Below) Praying Hard!! Q-IMG_9686 (Below) Chinese Calligraphy in the public Q-IMG_9681 (Below) Public performance, checked by police man. However they don't give a damn. Q-IMG_9677 Remember to leave comments for me :)

Coward who flood my tag board

To the coward who don't even dare to write in his name, either he/she do not have a name or his/her name just sucks. Or maybe due to PURE jealousy ??? Who knows :) If my blog can't entertain you, please go elsewhere. You are not welcomed here, as this blog don't belong to COWARD like you. We have names and we dare to show our names when we write. You know who you are... Thumbs down for the childish act.... (Below) Coward will always be coward.

I Love Windows 7 Ultimate

Omg!! Windows 7... With only 1.5GB of RAM installed on my netbook, I'm able to get Windows 7 running, and even with Windows Aero enabled. I just brought Windows 7 Operating System, and finally got it installed on my HP Mini. Right now still meddling with the features and functionality. However I discovered a very cool feature, that is you can shake off all other windows and leaving only the windows you are working on. I really mean SHAKE... All you need to do is to use your mouse, click and hold on to the top of the windows and SHAKE... SHAKE... SHAKEEE.... you will shake away those windows you are not currently using. Windows 7 do feature Ready Boost like Windows Vista.. I find this feature really useful for system like netbook. I shall continue to play around with my new Windows 7 and update you guys and ladies, the cool features windows 7 is providing :) Till now, Windows 7 Rocks, I'm Luving it and will continue loving it!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to Suntec International Convention

Couldn't find something to do, so I am thinking of sharing my photos with you guys again :) I'm out of words now... Couldn't think of any things to write now... So cut it short, enjoy the photos :) I Would appreciate if you guys and ladies could offer some precious comments... (Below) Starbucks, Java Chips Grande. YS-IMG_5948 (Below) Opposite of Suntec Convention YS-IMG_5940 (Below) Simplicity... Q-IMG_9635 (Below) The busy City Link.. I purposely post process this photo in a desaturated style. How do you find it ? (Comments Welcomed) Q-IMG_9633 (Below) Caught unexpectedly. Q-IMG_9628 (Below) Orchid YS-IMG_5923 (Below) Yet another one.. haha YS-IMG_5921 I welcome comments and critiques. Feel free to do so :) As one can only improve from failure and mistakes....

International Wine Importer Exhibition

I'm back with some photos that I took at the International Wine Importer Exhibition at Suntec City. Wine Importers from all over the world showcase their award winning Wine at this exhibition. Professionals presenters from countries like United States came to this exhibition to demonstrates and explain how Wine came about and how traders invest in them. Personally for me I do not really know how to appreciate Wine, so for me Wine is just Wine. So you asked, "Why AM I there ?" The reason I am there was to take photographs :) Let me present to you some photos taken by me and my girlfriend. These photos might have some handshakes, due to........ "I consumed Alcohol too :)" (Below) I find this ice cube very nice... Q-IMG_9664 (Below) One of the booth, range of wines Q-IMG_9662 YS-IMG_5954 Q-IMG_9659 (Below) Wine for Asia 2009 Q-IMG_9643 (Below) Suntec Convention Hall Q-IMG_9638

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flickr !!!!

What Flickr is doing nowadays ? The server is down for every 2 to 3 days, so irritating...... Ever since they implemented the new function, the server keeps having hiccups and down from time to time. Flickr down, means: - I cannot upload photos I cannot upload photos, means: - I cannot share photos with you guys. I shall wait till Flickr.....................................

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Singapore Dragon Kiln

You will never be able to find this anywhere in Singapore anymore, it's the one and only left!!. It's the Dragon Kiln, 龙窑 in Chinese. The temperature can go up to 3000 Degree Celsius and usually it's used for making pottery. Due to the high temperature inside the Dragon Kiln tunnel, if you go near to it, within a few minutes you will start to perspire. You can really feel the heat emitting out. As the process usually takes more than 5 days, from starting the coal inside the tunnel to placing the clay into the tunnel and finally the heating process, prior to using the Dragon Kiln they will offer prayers to pray for that nothing will happen during this whole process. As before, I am sharing my experience with everyone. Hope you will like it. If you are interested to visit this place, do leave a comment on my post. I will let you know the location and how you can go there. A cool experience and eye opener for me though :) (Below) Some of the pottery work _MG_2493 (Below) The door of the dragon kiln. There is around 12 doors around the whole tunnel. It is said that during the process, should the door crack or the door spoil, the whole process will fail and will have to restart the whole process again. Which means all the clay inside the tunnel will have to be thrown out and remould the pottery. _MG_2494 (Below) Prayer to the god before starting the process. _MG_2492 (Below) Molding equipment. _MG_2469

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What an unlucky day! UghHhhh

!@#$%^&(^%$#$%!@#$%^&(^%$#$% !@#$%^&(^%$#$% I have the start off with that, Damn pissed off! Hit my car and don't dare to admit. I did not accuse him! you can see the exactly the same stretch on his car. He still got the fking guts to say it is hit by others. Say I got no prove to say its him. Got to buy touch up paint now to touch up on that patch. Not sure whether that patch can be covered up.... Damn angry... and pissed... but anyway I tried to put that aside, as I know I have more important things to do now. (To visit you guys blog and click it). (Below) Yes, i masked it! Although I'm damned pissed and angry.... IMG_6778 (Below) Is it almost the same ? IMG_6772 IMG_6776 (Below) Top view. IMG_6775 IMG_6773

Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking backwards...

Just brought a 1TB (1TB = 1000GB) SATA2 Hard disk. As my collections of photos is getting larger day by day, and the facts that I am shooting in RAW format, I think it is necessary to make this purchase. As I was browsing through my collections, I was shocked with the photos taken by me when I just brought my first DSLR. The photos look so plain and flat, looks like snapshots. Have to thank my girlfriend for teaching me how to see things differently. Let me share with you my now and then collections. Remember to support iRadio (Singapore). The web cast is really superb and best of all NO LAG . NO GLITCHES . Professional! (Below) Don't know how to control, resulting in the whole photo overexposed. IMG_0490 (Below) Looks nicer ? I forgot my ND, but still managed to capture some details of the sun and abit of the cars. YS-IMG_5799 (Below) Looks flat.... IMG_00021 (Below) More details of the sky is being captured Q-IMG_9507 (Below) First time trying out night photography with kit lens + tripod... Plain and yuckssssssssss and OFF (Out of focus) too. IMG_0568 (Below) Same place, same subject, same tripod and same lens. I printed this on a 4R photo paper and posted it out as postcard. HAHA IMG_1631

Let's go Marina Barrage

Hi everyone, First of all, let me express my appreciation to everyone who visited my blog. I hope you guys like the photos I took. Do give me comments or suggestions, so that I can improve my skill and upload more quality photos in the future. I have visited Marina Barrage more than once, but usually I go in the late night or early morning (Before day-break). So out of boredom, went to Marina Barrage and took some photos to share with everyone here. Now let me present some photos taken by me and my girlfriend. Enjoy, Cheers! AND Yes!! do remember to click on the Premium Ads at the right side of the page when you visit my blog. Now the photos......... (Below) I don't know what is this? HAha Q-IMG_9422 (Below) My girlfriend took this while I'm driving YS-IMG_5799 (Below) Curiosity of a little boy. YS-IMG_5701 (Below) Wide Angle shot. Q-IMG_9477 (Below) My favorite photo, hope you have the same taste as me Q-IMG_9444

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nice sky, i love where i stay

While I am changing into my comfortable clothes, I turn to my window and saw sky is in wonderful color. Quickly, I pull up my pants and took out the camera from my dry cabinet and capture this wonderful moment of the sky. around where i stay Simply love the new Tamron 17-50 lens. Another photo of the sky around my place. Instead of posting a new post, I might as well add on to here since the title is the same. Simply love the details in this photo. Orange-Blue Sky

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A trip to Chinese-Japanese Garden

Photographers will know this place well. Especially photographers who take weddings photos, Chinese-Japanese Garden is the best place to shoot weddings photos. Situated in the West of Singapore, Chinese Garden MRT Station. Initially when the place first built, you have to pay entrance fee to enter the garden. After a revamp in 2006, it is decided that it will not be collecting entrance fee. It is free entrance now. The Garden theme is built based on the old China history with statue of the Confucius, Wen Tian Xiang (文天祥) and many more. The structure was built with the feel of the China Palace. If you have not visited Chinese Garden (I am also visiting it for the first time), it could be a nice place to gain some knowledge on China History. As usual I am posting some photos I have taken during my trip to Chinese Garden which i find them nice. (Below) Trying to get back into the water Q-IMG_8092 (Below) Chinese Garden Top View Q-IMG_7895 (Below) Feeding the turtle (My gf) Q-IMG_8065 (Below) Feeding the turtle Q-IMG_8062 (Below) Caught the action Q-IMG_7984 (Below) The spiral staircase at the pagoda Q-IMG_7914 (Below) Small statue Q-IMG_7874 (Below) A shot of the plant Q-IMG_7941 (Below) My GF again. Q-IMG_8094