Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BlackVue DR400G-HDII 1.014K Firmware - Fixed

Hey guys, if you have accidently upgraded your DR400G HDII dashboard camera to 1.014K, your camera should now speak in Korea instead of English and GPS is not working correctly even the log files shows that GPS has started.

Now, there is a fix to change the firmware 1.014K to 1.014E. Follow the instruction below to get it fixed.

1. Download the file from here: http://qcloud.o2.sg/downloads/BlackVue_1.014_ENG.zip
2. Remove the SD Card from Camera
3. Remove all files in the SD Card
4. Unpack the zip file downloaded in (STEP 1)
5. Copy the unpacked content into the SD Card. (Your SD Card should now contain 1 folder (BlackVue) and 1 file (avserver.sh).)
6. Slot the SD Card back into the camera and turn on the camera. After awhile, it will says, "BlackVue is upgrading, do not turn off power".
7. After upgrading, it will says "BlackVue is restarting".
8. Remove the SD Card from Camera and slot into your PC and remove the folder and files.
9. Put the black SD Card back to Camera.
10. Your are done! Your device should speak in English and GPS should be working. Best of all, you are using the latest firmware.

P/S: Please leave comment to tell me whether it works or does not work.

Thanks :)