Monday, June 15, 2009

Ginger or Ginger dog ?

While my Dad is cooking dinner for us this evening, he see a ginger that looks like a dog. At first, I thought that he purposely cut into a dog shape, but then a closer look there is no knife cut on the ginger. I am sharing with everyone the ginger that looks like a dog. (Below) Front view of the ginger. If you are creative enough, you should be able to see the nose and the eye. (Below) The dog is looking behind, see the tail and the head turning behind ? (Below) The dog is looking at the bottle of fruit punch.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Singapore Botanic Garden

Damn!! I was so annoyed, frustrated, and furious with my GPS. This damn GPS keeps showing me the wrong direction again, again..... and again! I was like a idiot being tricked by the GPS. I went round and round and drove back all the way to AYE but still I did not managed to reach the intended place. In the end, I saw a road sign point towards Singapore Botanic Garden so happily drive towards that direction. ANGERED at the monent!!! The junction shows a NO LEFT TURN SIGN! I left with no choice, but to drive against traffic flow. and..... Finally i reached Singapore Botanic Garden. Phew! It is my first gathering with the GSCCPS (Geylang Serai Community Club Photographic Society). All of them went into the Orchid Garden, which on that day the admission is free for all student, I did not went in because I will have to pay S$5.00 for admission (Bo Hua). While waiting for them, I was looking for nice subject to shoot in the Ginger Garden. Nothing much to shoot at ginger garden. But there is a nice articial waterfall at the entrance of Ginger Garden. Around half an hour later, the sky turns grey. So only managed to shoot a few photos for this trip to Singapore Botanic Garden. Nevertheless, if my planned shoot was affected by bad weather I will definetly make a second trip to the same place again. ........ So enjoy this few shots that I have. (Below) This is the waterfall at the entrance of Ginger Garden (The Singapore Water Fall) (Below) Some macros taken with 50mm f1.8 + extension tube. (Below) The ants world party. (Below) My beautiful girlfriend. (Below) I don't know what is this, but I found this fruits near the cotton plantation. (Below) Is this yellow Orchid ? Taken with 50mm f1.8 (Below) Taken with the Canon 55-250mm IS

Saturday, June 6, 2009

World of Macro: The Beetle

BEETLE!!! It has been long since i last blogged with new photos. Today just brought an extension tube for macro photography. I have a close up filter, but I don't like to use it as the image quality with a close up filter attached to the lens SUCKS. The extension tube is a hollow tube that increase the distance the lens from the camera sensor. Therefore with the extension tube, photographer can position nearer to the subject. I was experimenting with the extension tube, then a beetle fly into my room. So lucky, I got a REAL subject to experiment on. Below is the image of my work with the extension tube and Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. (Below) Backside of the beetle

Monday, June 1, 2009

The ZOOM effect ..

Photos taken with the 55-250mm IS lens from Canon. How to achieve this zooming effect ? (Below) The 55-250mm Canon Lens. You can achieve this effect by setting your shutter to a slower speed (eg, 1/3s, 1/5s). Then as you press on your shutter fully, while the shutter is still open zoom your lens either in or out to achieve this effect. You may need to try a few shots Take out your zoom lens now and try this special effect, you will be amazed with the effect. Try to focus on areas where there is sufficient light, so that the light trail effect can be seen clearly. (Below) The road (Below) Opposite my HDB block. (Edited by Lightroom for warmer color).