Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Release of Cool Tau Huay (A.k.A 冷豆花) Cold Beancurd Recipe

What a cool day... the rain has been non stop since Sunday. So how have everyone been recently? Did you guys try to make cold beancurd while waiting for me to post?

I know it has been quite awhile since my last post that I've found out the method to make cold beancurd. Some people might have been cursing me all this while. Anyway, I'm gonna release the method and ingredient to make the beancurd.

This is quite similar to the one that you can find at Old Airport Road. You should know which store I am referring to. Anyway don't make you guess, yes, it is Lao Ban Dou Hua (老伴豆花).

Before I get started, there is 1 ingredient is specially formulated by me (I've put in months of effort to discover it). I am not saying that only my Jelly Powder works, you still have the option to use any kind of jelly powder.

So let's get started, so move your buttock to the nearest supermarket to buy this ingredient.

- Soya Powder (I recommend Polleney Brand)
(There are many soya powder brands in the supermarket. I've tried most of them, and all works perfect)

- Coffee creamer
(I use CoffeeMate Creamer which I think it works best)

- Fine sugar
(Can be any sugar, up to your preference)

- Jelly Powder
This is the special ingredient that I've mentioned. This jelly powder is the main ingredient and it is responsible to give you superb texture. I've invented and specially formulated my own Jelly Powder. You can choose to purchase from me, and consider it as donations for me  :) or visit the nearest supermarket to purchase.

Prepration and Method

Ok, after we are done with the ingredient part and let's move on to the actual making process. The making of the cold beancurd is fairly easy and no mess. The process of making the cold beancurd is so simple that even a person that cannot cook Instant Maggie Mee have no problem.

The follow proportion is used to make 6 bowl depending on how much you pour into the each bowl. So let's get started to make the cold beancurd. I assume you have purchased everything above. So let's prepare the below.

- 1200ml of PLAIN WATER (Room temperature)
- 120g Soya Powder
- 60g Sugar (Add more if you prefer it to be sweeter)
- 40g Creamer (Add more if you prefer it to be more creamy)

For Jelly Powder, choose either 1:
- 28g Jelly Powder (If you buy those commercially available in supermarket) - I have not tested this powder.
- 16g Specially Formulated Jelly Powder (This has been tested and proven to work) - Click here for more information.

Prepration Method

1. Measure 1200ml of Plain Room Temperature water and pour them into a cooking pot.

2. Use roughly 400ml of plain water from the cooking pot to dissolve the soya powder. Stir until fully dissolve. If you have an electric mixer, you can use that. Make sure that you do not use HOT water as this will make the soya powder lumpy.

3. Turn on the flame to boil the remaining of the water in the cooking pot.

4. When the water boil, do this:
- Dissolve the sugar first, then dissolve creamer. Then pour in the mixed soya milk and stir evenly. Finally pour in the Jelly Powder.

5. Continue to stir until the solution boil again. Once it boil again, you have successfully prepared the solution. The rest of the steps will just require you to divide them equally into bowls.

6. Leave the bowl until it cools down, then place them into the fridge. After 2 to 3 hours, your home made cold beancurd is ready to be served.

If you are interested to buy the Jelly Powder from me, do click here to see the pricing. It is very cheap and affordable.

That's all about it. Try it and let me know if it works :) Some photos I've taken to show you my home made cold beancurd.