Jelly Powder Pricing for making Cold Bean Curd (Lao Ban / 51)

This jelly powder has been discovered after many months of hard work and effort. This has been proven to make the same texture and taste as Lao Ban or 51 Bean Curd. The proportion has been tested many times and by many friends.

As I am providing the jelly powder formulation to a factory to help me produce, they usually produce in large quantity for me. So to make it affordable for you and you do not need to keep excess stocks, I'm selling it in smaller portions.

Start making your own Lao Ban / 51 Cold Bean Curd now :)

* 100g can make approximately 37 bowls.

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In the event of orders that cannot be fulfilled, I will refund the full amount paid.

For larger purchase (Above 1kg), you can email be at to discuss on the pricing.