Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Blogs Ranking (Week 1: 14 December 2009)

Hey there! I'll be doing a weekly blogs ranking for all blogger out there. The reason that I came out with this idea was to allow blogger to exchange links and boost the number of visitors to your blog. How to participate ? The idea of this ranking system is very simple. I will be allowing blogger to have 3 days grace period to submit their blog URL to me. Once the 3 days period reached, I will finalize and consolidate the list of blogs submitted. Then I will place the consolidated list on the polling/voting system. The voting/polling will be on for 7 days, you can then ask people to vote for you during the 7 days voting/polling period. I will announce the result of the 7 days voting/polling on my blog. The first 10 blogs that emerge from the voting/polling will be advertised on my blog for free. Don't hesitate anymore! Fill up the form below and submit your blog URL to me now. Important Details Start Date: 14 December 2009 URL Submission End Date: 17 December 2009 Voting Period: 17 December 2009 to 24 December 2009
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