Monday, June 15, 2009

Ginger or Ginger dog ?

While my Dad is cooking dinner for us this evening, he see a ginger that looks like a dog. At first, I thought that he purposely cut into a dog shape, but then a closer look there is no knife cut on the ginger. I am sharing with everyone the ginger that looks like a dog. (Below) Front view of the ginger. If you are creative enough, you should be able to see the nose and the eye. (Below) The dog is looking behind, see the tail and the head turning behind ? (Below) The dog is looking at the bottle of fruit punch.


Viya said...

wow! Nature is so amazing! Did u give her a name? :P

DC said...

Haha, I thought the first picture looked like a pony!

Kelvin said...

yeah, i named it Ginger.. haha