Monday, July 6, 2009

Vintage Car Night @ Marina South Pier

Take a look at Singapore Vintage Car.. The event was held at Marina South Pier. Owners of vintage cars can drive their vehicle to show off to everyone. Let me give a brief explanation to vintage car. Q. So I will start off with, What is Vintage Car? Ans: Vintage car is any motorcar whose life/age is more than 35 of years. You must register with LTA to get your car approved as vintage car. Q. Any limitation to Vintage Car? Ans: The restriction to Vintage Car registered as Classic Car is that, it can only ply the road 28 days in a year. You will be issued with a supplementary license (which looks ALMOST like the off peak car coupon). For Vintage Car registered under Classic Car Scheme, whenever you drive on the road, you MUST use the coupon including Public Holiday and Sunday. So below is some photos of vintage cars i took during the exhibition. Enjoy the photos. CHeers! (Below) How i wish i can become.......... (Below) Ohh Well, what can I do ? (Below) Jaguar Vintage Car, 3200CC. (Below) Looks like my Picanto. Will my Picanto become a vintage car after 35 years ?

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