Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here comes my Canon EOS 40D

After days of consideration between a semi-pro and pro cam, finally i make a decision to buy 40D. Initially I was attracted by the large imager size of 1dmk1 (1.3x FOV), but soon the idea was dropped after looking at reviews on the internet. So the next in line, will be the EOS 40d. Though the imager size is smaller than 1dmk1, overall the camera was equipped with more functions like higher ISO settings and better processor (DIGIC 3) and higher megapixel (don't really applies to me as I don't print photos often). After using EOS 40D for awhile, the feel of the camera is just like 1dmk1. "Very solid and stable". With the battery Grip inserted. Unbelievable noise control for 40D, even up to the highest ISO3200, the image is still sharp with little noise. If you like shooting in low light, indoor, events or even graduations then EOS 40D is definitely the camera you are looking for. Simply love Canon EOS 40D to the MAX! There you go, 1 photo from my eos 40d. Cool Right ? Unedited (Below): Post Processed and edited with CS4 (Below)

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