Monday, December 21, 2009

Samsung Omnia 2 GT-I8000

At last I can re-contract my mobile line to get a new mobile phone. After considering a number of mobile phones, I decided get the Samsung Omnia 2 GT-I8000. Installed with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional and TouchWiz UI, I am filled with excitement to open up this wonderful phone. There is too much about this phone that I can write, therefore I will write about the main thing I like about this phone. And that is the 3.7" AMOLED touch display! I love the screen size of this phone, a 3.7" with AMOLED Display technology for a super clear viewing experience. Best of all, the AMOLED Display consume little batter power. Which is now I enjoy the best of both world; that is big clear display that don't drain battery power! If you like to SMS, surf the web or even play game, the large and clear LCD display will never disappoint you. I am going to use my Omnia 2 to make the very *FIRST* post! However, the image have been edited with Photoshop CS4 before posting. This is my Samsung Omnia 2, and I gonna love it with MY LIFE! Q-IMG_0766 Q-IMG_0747 Q-IMG_0745 Q-IMG_0736 Q-IMG_0731


Jessen said...

I prefer Omnia HD with Symbian. :)

FiSh said...

hello how much does it cost?

Kelvin said...

Hi fish,

The phone cost 850+ if without plan. I got this for S$298 as i recontract my plan.

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

Cool! New phone ;D
Looks sophisticated .

Edwin said...

Wow,nice phone..

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Anonymous said...

Hello! May I ask? How does the recontract system work? For M1, they said I can recontract at $100 + the advertised price. What does that mean?

- zee

Kelvin said...

Hi zee,

I think it is because of your plan that you are recontacting.

For example,

The advertised price of Omnia 2 for starhub is S$300 (Power value 300). For anything lower than Power value 300, it will be S$400.

I suppose this is why you need add another S$100.