Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Shots at Marina South Pier

I have not bring my baby (Camera) out for a walk for quite some time. I have decided to bring my baby out for a walk since I have to wait for my dad at Marina South Pier. As well as let my camera have some warm up before I bring her again to Liang Wen Ying Concert at NTU on 28 January 2010 (Thursday). I am going to smuggle my camera into the concert hall =)

I am going to share with everyone, some warm up shots I have taken today at Marina South Pier.

Please leave some comments for me OKAY ?

(Below) I love this shot.. the angel the subject and the feel
(Below) Artistic shots..
(Below) My Girlfriend again =)
(Below) 1st attempt to shoot ray from the skies. (It's the same place, but the skies is different on another direction)
(Below) A ray from the skies.. But unfortunately I did not have my filters with me..
(Below) My Girlfriend... hehehe
(Below) My Dad back from fishing.. but no fishes =(

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kenwooi said...

nice shots.
i like it especially when there is blue sky =)

wen pink said...

yea agreed with kenwooi! nice photos! esp the first few pics :) way to go!

Edwin T said...

i like the one with rays of sunlight coming out from the clouds. :) how pretty God's creation is.

~* J a S said...

photo #4 the ray forms a nice heart shape :)

Kelvin said...

hey jas, it real... i didn't even take note of this.

Cool discovery haha!