Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Miami Zombie

We all know the movie Resident Evil. In case you didn't know the movie, Resident Evil is about ZOMBIES. The dead walking in the street biting and infecting others. Those who were bitten will be infected with a virus and sooner or later become a zombie.

Anyway that's for the short introduction. A few days back, in Miami, someone committed a zombie like act by chewing onto another man's face. It has been reported that the man's face was bitten off and it's beyond recognition. Three quarter of the face is now gone and currently in the ICU in critical condition.

The man, Rudy Eugene, was ordered to stop the act by a police officer, but ended up the police officer was being threaten. The man look at the police officer with a fierce look.

The scene was reported as chaotic and bloody. Many eye witness relate this incident as bloody and disgusting. Some eye witness was traumatize by the incident and was afraid of walking on the street, fearing that they will be the next victim.

Rudy Eugene was on a drug called "bath salt". This is a very powerful drug that will cause the person using the drug to have an extremely high body temperature and that explains why the man, Rudy Eugene was naked in the scene. Current investigation still have no clue on what provoked this bizarre and savage attack and the investigation is still on going.

A video of the news report in Miami (LIVE) has been floating around in the web.


Now ZOMBIES are around us, if you happen to walk on the street, please take "EXTRA" care and look out for suspected character and people behaving in an unusual manner.

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