Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun @ Pulau Ubin

A short introduction to this Island (Pulau Ubin). This Island is known to be the last kampung (village) in Singapore. Take a stroll down this Island, have a feel of how simple life can be in the 60's. Little have been done to this Island, so as to maintain the simple and relaxing life of a kampung. Do constantly remind yourself to keep the place clean and tidy, after all we are the user of the nature and we do not want it to be destroyed. Ok Now, Welcome to Pulau Ubin! Reached there around 8am, the morning air in Pulau Ubin is wonderful; feel the freshness of the air as you breathe in. Did some warm-up shots as we arrived at the pier. (Below) A morning view of Pulau Ubin. (Near Jetty) (Below) This is the warm-up shot. Then we paid 12 bucks to rent a bicycle, and then cycled to Chek Jawa. From the jetty to Chek Jawa, travelled by bicycle, the journey is around a 30 minutes ride. Given that time, I did stop by a lot of places to take photos. A short introduction to this place; Chek Jawa is among the last few places with natural rocky shore. In order to maintain the survival of Chek Jawa, there is a limitation to the number of people who can be at the place at the same time. (Below) This signage can be found at Chek Jawa. Many a times in life, we are faced with many directions, in the end you still need to choose a path to follow. (Below) What does this looks like ? For me, the first expression on this plant is the scrub that is used to clean baby's milk bottle. (Below) English: Life is just like this path of road, many a times it will not be as smooth as what we think. To reach the destination of our goal we have to go through many obstacles. (Below) Some photos taken at another perspective. (Below) A trail left on the road by trucks (Below) Taken this photo while on the way back to the jetty. This is a quarry but i forgetten what is the name of this quarry. It is located near Chek Jawa, on your way back to Jetty from Chek Jawa you will definitely cycle past this quarry. Very spectacular view of this quarry. (Below) A junkyard found near the jetty. Around 1pm in the afternoon, the scorching sun is too hot for us to explore to the west part of Pulau Ubin. We decided to take the craft back to Changi Jetty, and plan for a next trip to explore the unexplored.


Anonymous said...

nice photos taken! well done! keep it up =)

Kelvin said...

thank you.