Sunday, May 3, 2009

A trip with STAR Virgo

This was the best photo taken among all, i simply love this photo. 3 days 2 nights tour on cruise is a very fruitful journey for my photo taking experience, i was able to take beautiful scenery of the mother nature; the sea and sky with no ends. But its a pity that i did not bring my DSLR along due to some reason. Photos were took with PnS camera which the effect did not turn out as good. Shall share some of the photos taken. I would say this trip is definitely worth it because i can take 2 days off to stay free from the hectic lifestyle here and slow down my pace to enjoy the photo shooting process and to capture every beautiful moments and scenery in the middle of the sea. Lastly, i would definitely bring my DSLR along next time.

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