Monday, November 2, 2009

1 Year Old

Times really past in a blink of your eye. So fast, a small little boy turns 1 year old. Attended to a birthday celebration of a 1 year old boy, my girlfriend nephew. A innocent kid turning into a little naughty devil soon.. Muauhahaha. Sharing some photos taken at the celebration. (Below) Drinking milk.. haha so cute Q-IMG_9878 (Below) Ah gong = Grandpa feeding his grandson. Q-IMG_9875 (Below) Why are you taking my picture while i'm eating my birthday cake !!!!! Q-IMG_9864 (Below) Cannot resist to temptation.. Q-IMG_9863 (Below) Shoot what shoot ? ! ? ! Q-IMG_9846 (Below) I'm so proud to have a grandpa like him. Q-IMG_9840


kenwooi said...

adorable little kid =)

Silvergirl said...

so cute

Nate River said...

照片里的小孩很赏心悦目,真可爱 =)