Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Street Photo: Bugis Street

After pumping petrol at JB, head down to Bugis Street. My girlfriend and I already planned to take photographs at Bugis Street, but every time due to some unexpected situation, the plan always got postponed. After having this plan postponed for a few weeks, finally we make our way here to take photographs. I'm not very good with street photos, nevertheless I will still share my street photo experience. I am a person that respects others' privacy, so taking street photographs is a extreme challenge for me. I don't know is it only me, but regardless of where I go I'm always being stopped by either security guards or events officials telling me "NO PHOTOGRAPHS HERE!"... So demoralizing....... Let me share some of my humble street photos, do comment on the photos if you have any views, be it you like it or you hate it... Just let me know, so I can improve on my shots. All the photos here have been saved as web, therefore the quality degrades by a lot. (Below) He can predict 4D and RUMORED that he always give very accurate numbers. However, I feel that he is more of a swindle than a predictor :) HAha Q-IMG_9742 (Below) Natural feel Q-IMG_9737 (Below) Fence Q-IMG_9717 (Below) Fortune Centre Q-IMG_9701 (Below) Little Girl and Pigeons Q-IMG_9688 (Below) Praying Hard!! Q-IMG_9686 (Below) Chinese Calligraphy in the public Q-IMG_9681 (Below) Public performance, checked by police man. However they don't give a damn. Q-IMG_9677 Remember to leave comments for me :)


HitoMi^^ said...

the colour is nice but i think your resize format got prob..the pictures appear to be expanded and people become longer. try resize bty one side then leave another side to the software to decide

Kelvin said...

Thanks hitomi :) appreciate your comments.

I will try to resize again then change them.. i find them unpleasing too :)

dhemz said...

great photos here!