Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The actual cause of FIRE in Dover ITE Staff Room

You should have heard the news by now, Dover ITE staff room on fire.

It is said that the cause of fire is that electrical appliances have been left overnight unattended. This might be a possible cause of the fire, as we know leaving appliances overnight might cause the appliances to be overheated and therefore started a fire.

However there is other saying that ITE Dover staff room is haunted. There are rumors spreading around the campus, that the "ghost" or whatever it is called, started the fire. At first, I don't believe it, as it is too abrupt. While I am flipping the newspaper, I noticed a very strange figure just below the staff room. Not only that, there is another figure just at the left side of the fire which resembles the figure below the staff room.

Below is a picture that I scan from the newspaper. I did not do any editing on it, except for the circle I draw and the text.

Real or fake ? Up to you to decide =) There is always a saying "It is better to believe than to deny it".

(Click here for larger view)

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survivor mom said...

this is a lesson for everybody that Be sure we always put off electrical appliances after use,

Nicholas C said...

Shit that's scary!

Vernz said...

That's scary indeed Kelvin .... people who have unfinished business ....

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Anonymous said...

that is the General-office.

It is just reflection oh the light