Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Love Windows 7 Ultimate

Omg!! Windows 7... With only 1.5GB of RAM installed on my netbook, I'm able to get Windows 7 running, and even with Windows Aero enabled. I just brought Windows 7 Operating System, and finally got it installed on my HP Mini. Right now still meddling with the features and functionality. However I discovered a very cool feature, that is you can shake off all other windows and leaving only the windows you are working on. I really mean SHAKE... All you need to do is to use your mouse, click and hold on to the top of the windows and SHAKE... SHAKE... SHAKEEE.... you will shake away those windows you are not currently using. Windows 7 do feature Ready Boost like Windows Vista.. I find this feature really useful for system like netbook. I shall continue to play around with my new Windows 7 and update you guys and ladies, the cool features windows 7 is providing :) Till now, Windows 7 Rocks, I'm Luving it and will continue loving it!!

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Tony Wan said...

Wow. Good. How much is that?