Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coward who flood my tag board

To the coward who don't even dare to write in his name, either he/she do not have a name or his/her name just sucks. Or maybe due to PURE jealousy ??? Who knows :) If my blog can't entertain you, please go elsewhere. You are not welcomed here, as this blog don't belong to COWARD like you. We have names and we dare to show our names when we write. You know who you are... Thumbs down for the childish act.... (Below) Coward will always be coward.


Ana Cristina Toledo said...

Hi Kelvin, you've done a good job here. Nice blog, nice pics...Congrats!

About this post, this sort of things are normal to happen, when we're on internet is the same of being in the open sea. There are good & bad people along our way.

Might I suggest you to put some trackers devices in your blog, so that you can identify people who visit you. I use lots of them in my blog, all free of costs, some shown, some hidden.

Wish you a very happy day!

Anonymous said...

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