Monday, October 26, 2009

International Wine Importer Exhibition

I'm back with some photos that I took at the International Wine Importer Exhibition at Suntec City. Wine Importers from all over the world showcase their award winning Wine at this exhibition. Professionals presenters from countries like United States came to this exhibition to demonstrates and explain how Wine came about and how traders invest in them. Personally for me I do not really know how to appreciate Wine, so for me Wine is just Wine. So you asked, "Why AM I there ?" The reason I am there was to take photographs :) Let me present to you some photos taken by me and my girlfriend. These photos might have some handshakes, due to........ "I consumed Alcohol too :)" (Below) I find this ice cube very nice... Q-IMG_9664 (Below) One of the booth, range of wines Q-IMG_9662 YS-IMG_5954 Q-IMG_9659 (Below) Wine for Asia 2009 Q-IMG_9643 (Below) Suntec Convention Hall Q-IMG_9638

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