Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A trip to Chinese-Japanese Garden

Photographers will know this place well. Especially photographers who take weddings photos, Chinese-Japanese Garden is the best place to shoot weddings photos. Situated in the West of Singapore, Chinese Garden MRT Station. Initially when the place first built, you have to pay entrance fee to enter the garden. After a revamp in 2006, it is decided that it will not be collecting entrance fee. It is free entrance now. The Garden theme is built based on the old China history with statue of the Confucius, Wen Tian Xiang (文天祥) and many more. The structure was built with the feel of the China Palace. If you have not visited Chinese Garden (I am also visiting it for the first time), it could be a nice place to gain some knowledge on China History. As usual I am posting some photos I have taken during my trip to Chinese Garden which i find them nice. (Below) Trying to get back into the water Q-IMG_8092 (Below) Chinese Garden Top View Q-IMG_7895 (Below) Feeding the turtle (My gf) Q-IMG_8065 (Below) Feeding the turtle Q-IMG_8062 (Below) Caught the action Q-IMG_7984 (Below) The spiral staircase at the pagoda Q-IMG_7914 (Below) Small statue Q-IMG_7874 (Below) A shot of the plant Q-IMG_7941 (Below) My GF again. Q-IMG_8094

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