Thursday, October 22, 2009

Singapore Dragon Kiln

You will never be able to find this anywhere in Singapore anymore, it's the one and only left!!. It's the Dragon Kiln, 龙窑 in Chinese. The temperature can go up to 3000 Degree Celsius and usually it's used for making pottery. Due to the high temperature inside the Dragon Kiln tunnel, if you go near to it, within a few minutes you will start to perspire. You can really feel the heat emitting out. As the process usually takes more than 5 days, from starting the coal inside the tunnel to placing the clay into the tunnel and finally the heating process, prior to using the Dragon Kiln they will offer prayers to pray for that nothing will happen during this whole process. As before, I am sharing my experience with everyone. Hope you will like it. If you are interested to visit this place, do leave a comment on my post. I will let you know the location and how you can go there. A cool experience and eye opener for me though :) (Below) Some of the pottery work _MG_2493 (Below) The door of the dragon kiln. There is around 12 doors around the whole tunnel. It is said that during the process, should the door crack or the door spoil, the whole process will fail and will have to restart the whole process again. Which means all the clay inside the tunnel will have to be thrown out and remould the pottery. _MG_2494 (Below) Prayer to the god before starting the process. _MG_2492 (Below) Molding equipment. _MG_2469

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noelbynature said...

Actually, there are two dragon kilns still firing in Singapore, I think. You can check out the posts on here.