Friday, October 2, 2009

Canon Delighting You Always with EOS 7D

Take your passion to a whole new level. The Canon EOS 7D (Semi Professional Body) is born of revolutionary technology and a profound understand of your photographic needs. This camera incorporates new breakthrough features that will take your photographic experience to a higher level. With a continuous shooting speed of 8fps, up to a maximum burst of 94 shots for JPEG, and maximum burst of 15 shots for RAW, you can now shoot like a real machine gun. Canon, being famous for it's lens provides the largest selection of lens in the world, you can now archive more professional shots regardless of the condition you are photographing at. The Canon EOS 7D being the latest in the digital SLR industry gives you a high megapixel of 18 Megapixel, now you can print your photos at high resolution. With its Dual Digic 4 Imaging Processor, you can now achieve better results of the photos you take. EOS 7D is introducing the all new 19-point cross type AF with center point f2.8 dual cross type sensitive. Focusing and accuracy will not be an issue as compared to the old single cross type. If you like recording movies, then EOS 7D is the camera for you. With it's full HD movie recording capabilities you can now record at 30, 25 or 24p frame rates. A new feature of the EOS 7D is the integrated Speedlite transmitter (A built in flash master function for wireless flash photography). Currently for camera to activate the offshoe flash, Canon ST-E2 is required to do so. Now the bundled kit lens with this new body does not include the old EF-S 18-55mm IS. It is now bundled with Canon latest lens; the 18-135 IS or the 15-85 IS. The current retail price of EOS 7D (In Singapore) is as follows: EOS 7D Body Only: S$2699 EOS 7D with EF-S 18-135mm IS: S$3249 EOS 7D with EF-S 15-85mm IS: S$3849


Joyce Tedoen said...

Yea yea, the usual marketing gimmicks that tells you Canon 7D records better video and blablabla.

Anyone with proper knowledge of cameras will know the only true (and the only one) selling point of Canon 7D is the 8fps capability.

The rest are mundane, and the fact that it's not a full frame, hurts a lot. You're going to pay full frame money for a none full frame camera.

Anonymous said...

yes, the selling point here is only the 8fps and the buffer.

of cos this will only be a toy for those rich guys. hahaha, those who are serious in photography will not get the 7d

Anonymous said...

I think 7d is not worth the money. I would rather go for a 5d at that price.

iriene said...

Wow, great cameras..but too pricey for my budget. I had check out on those Nuff ads at your post too. Btw, there is a spelling mistake on the post title "Delighting". Tks and do keep in touch!

Kelvin said...

Hi, thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake..

didnt notice it myself.. haha self error can only be spotted by others. very true.