Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking backwards...

Just brought a 1TB (1TB = 1000GB) SATA2 Hard disk. As my collections of photos is getting larger day by day, and the facts that I am shooting in RAW format, I think it is necessary to make this purchase. As I was browsing through my collections, I was shocked with the photos taken by me when I just brought my first DSLR. The photos look so plain and flat, looks like snapshots. Have to thank my girlfriend for teaching me how to see things differently. Let me share with you my now and then collections. Remember to support iRadio (Singapore). The web cast is really superb and best of all NO LAG . NO GLITCHES . Professional! (Below) Don't know how to control, resulting in the whole photo overexposed. IMG_0490 (Below) Looks nicer ? I forgot my ND, but still managed to capture some details of the sun and abit of the cars. YS-IMG_5799 (Below) Looks flat.... IMG_00021 (Below) More details of the sky is being captured Q-IMG_9507 (Below) First time trying out night photography with kit lens + tripod... Plain and yuckssssssssss and OFF (Out of focus) too. IMG_0568 (Below) Same place, same subject, same tripod and same lens. I printed this on a 4R photo paper and posted it out as postcard. HAHA IMG_1631


kenwooi said...

i also need to get used to my dslr edy.. haha.. =P

Tony Wan said...

Very nice shots!

iriene said...

I love the last photo, better than postcard! What is the secret? What brand of camera should I buy if I am thinking of taking photography as my hobby? Tks for the advise, happy blogging :)

Vernz said...

wow! ... more than words can say ... perfect ... make a calender ... send one to me ... via mail. not email.. hehehe

KwOnG FeI said...

hey wanna ask hw much 1 TB costs ?
i also have problem storing picture and my 160 gb hard disk is going to be full soon..
and also, wats other requirement like RAM to support so high storage?
btw, what is RAW format? sorry for this noob question..

Kelvin said...

Hi Kwong Fei,

the 1TB cost me S$155 at cyberactive.

I think the most important thing to take note is your Motherboard supports it or not. Also does your current PSU supports this load.

For me, i am using a TruePower 550W PSU, 8GB RAM, 3 Harddisk (320GB, 500GB and 1TB).

In DSLR or other prosumer camera they offers RAW shooting. RAW simply means you shoot what you see, no sharpening or noise reduction or whatever so is being done to the image taken. You must post process it when you download it to your computer.

You may wish to visit this site that explains to you in more detail what is RAW shooting.

KwOnG FeI said...

walau.. so many hard disk u have..
PSU? i have no idea wat it is..
am using 2 gb ram..
intel core 2 @ 2 ghz
greta info about the raw... will try play it later..
post process? usually i like the original pic without edit
thanks for ur info, buddy!

Kelvin said...

well, i think it is up to individual. For me post process doesn't actually "edit" it. It is just adjusting the color tone and other curve adjustment.

For you info, if your shoot in JPEG, well actually within the camera processor it has already been adjusted for you. Meaning the color tone, sharpening and contrast and other settings have been automatically adjusted.

So in this case, post processing is the process of processing the photo taken manually instead of the camera do it for you. In which, you have more control over the effect you want.

☂ϮssэɔuıƦpƚꂖƚLoopϮဓ☂ said...

I luv all photos!!!
Id like to become in photographer.. but you really are amazing!!!!!
keep on way!